About us

   Dignity Resource Council was founded on the belief that treating people as having God-given worth and personal dignity improves quality of life. This holds true regardless of age or ability.

   This discovery was a personal one for Robin Lenart when she became a caregiver for her mother, Inez. Robin was inspired to design a personal care garment that offered her mom a respectful cover while receiving assistance with bathing and other personal care. Since a dignity garment was added to the bath-time, she saw the difference in her mother’s emotional well-being and health.

    This was the spark that helped ignite her passion for research on the role of dignity and to understand it’s powerful dynamics. She discovered that even though there are statutes and laws protecting the right of dignity and privacy, many elderly residents are without appropriate dignity garments during the most intimate of care. It was time for this overlooked need to come to light! Robin Lenart founded Dignity Resource Council in 2005 with the hopes of raising the standard of care through education and public awareness of the right and need for personal care dignity preservation.

    There are many care facilities desiring to offer their residents the best and latest innovation in services and products that respect privacy, so we would like to lend a hand with practical resources to help. Together we can help raise the standard of care, bringing quality of life benefits to those in need.

    We believe dignity is the peace and well-being that results from a healthy self-image. How others treat us affirms our value and reinforces that we are people worthy of respect. We believe dignity should be protected and restored if lost regardless of age or ability.

    We believe it is possible to see dignity, not only with an honoring attitude, but also with proper and respectful dignity garments specifically designed for the most intimate of care.

    We believe up-to-date solutions should be available for quality of life change, bringing awareness and respectful compliance to Federal and State dignity guidelines and statutes.

    We believe the standard of care can be raised! 


 "Dignity, like a warm sunset, covers us with a beautiful glow of significance and value. And who wouldn't like to be seen in a good light?"

~Robin Lenart, Founder, Dignity Resource Council

Dignity Resource Council can show you a better way to help a loved one with bathing and personal care, without embarrassment.

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Dignity Resource cares about your caregiving. Caregivers desire dignity too. Use the Honor Guard for respectful caregiving. 




Stay modestly covered and clothed with dignity with the Honor Guard personal care garment.