Don't forget to scroll down and click on the 2nd interview listed called"Protecting Modesty and Dignity" On this link, Robin's interview can be heard. It's the 2nd of two interviews on that page.

MEDICAL PATIENT MODESTY    Everything you need to know about patient modesty is on this site.  Check out the excellent articles and blogs

MESOTHELIOMA HOPE     At Mesothelioma Hope we offer free resources that are reviewed by certified oncologists and provide detailed information about mesothelioma and its health impacts.  

THIS CARING HOME   This Caring Home is a part of Weill Cornell Medical College  Expert reviews on new products and more.

ALZHEIMER'S CAREGIVER"S SUPPORT ONLINE Through this website, you will be able to participate in on-line caregiver education and support classes.

FRENA GRAY-DAVIDSON'S ALZHEIMER'S GUIDE' Great articles and resources for caregivers.

ASSISTED LIVING STORE You can consult a gerontologist, and find solutions and products.

CAREGIVING.COM I love this site! A must for those caring for a loved one.

ELDERCARE ONLINE For those caring for an aged loved one.

WEBERWEAR Assisted living and home wear. A nice selection of garments to help in rehab and physical therapy.

EMPOWERING CAREGIVERS Lots of features including articles, inspiration, healing and humor..

BRAIN AND INJURY RESOURCE CENTER  A non profit clearinghouse founded and operated by head injury activists since 1985. It is a place where visitors can get information, join a discussion group, build advocacy skills, and self-care skills.

COMFORT CLOTHING A source of adaptive and easy access clothing for those with special clothing needs. 

MAKE YOUR HOME SAFE   This is a good site that gives advice for those who live with a loved one with dementia.


Dignity Resource Council  offers these linked sites to help you help those you love and care for. We hope
you find them informative and useful, however we cannot take responsibilty for their contents. If you know of other sites that may bless others, please let us know.