We want to honor God in all we do, and acknowledge that He is the One who gives us our worth and value as people.

    He demonstrated our worth to us when He gave us His most precious gift, on that first Christmas.  The little bundle lying in a crude feeding trough shared a divine destiny that included you and me!

   You see, He was on a mission to give His life for ours.

   Thankfully His promise of eternal life was for the whole world, past, present and future, which includes us!

   How could this be?  A free gift?

   Have you ever heard these excuses when someone promises you something that sounds too good to be true?  “There’s got to be a catch.”  “Someone has to pay for it, as nothing is for free.”   Well. Jesus did pay for it, and it cost Him His life on earth.  And yes, …there was indeed a catch! 

   Since Jesus lived His life without sin, there was no legal reason death could take Him. (Unlike humans who were all sinners!)  Jesus was the way of escape!  And His call to all, is “This is for you…. Take my gift…Do you trust Me?” 

    You may say, “Prove it!”   History tells us He came back from His cruel death with the biggest “show & tell” of all time, which forever changed everything.  And yes, you were worth it.

   The Bible has the whole story….  But for now, this is my story.  Since He is the Only One who conquered death, I choose to trust Him with my life.  And He’s not let me down yet, and He’s my biggest encourager!  And through Him, I have come to know the Father better and His wonderful love He has for His children.

    His love covers a multitude of sins! 

   Better than any fig leaf or even a personal care garment!