Robin Lenart, above, shares and demonstrates how the Honor Guard gives privacy and dignity.

Can I stay covered even while bathing? 

On the right watch Robin Lenart as a guest introducing the Honor Guard on QVC.

 What is a personal care garment?

    It is not a gown or drape. It is a personal hygiene accessory specifically designed to protect privacy during assistance in the shower or while bathing. The original personal care garment was designed by our Founder Robin Lenart for her mother which she aptly named Honor Guard. It works wet or dry and also is useful during clothing changes or while on the commode.

    The garment provides hygiene help without humiliation of being fully exposed. The unique three flap design allows a caregiver easy access to intimate areas, while remaining covered.

   The Royal Blue Shower Shield. is made of the same water-friendly nylon fabric that surfers wear!  It goes in the shower with you! It's lined with a no-cling soft poly mesh which allows for modest coverage.

   The Honor Guard attaches in the back with Velcro. Women have a detachable Chest Shield, which attaches at the neck. The velcro tabs on the front of the wrap allow the chest shield to stay in place until personal care is needed.

Just remember, "Cover, then Remove"  The Honor Guard covers before you remove  undergarments.  Cover your lap while on the commode, and conveniently change undergarments under the cover of the Honor Guard flap-panels. With the Honor Guard, you can stay covered for all assisted personal care. 

    The specially treated fabric and anti-cling mesh lining allow water-friendly coverage in the shower. After bathing, simply hang dry as you would a towel. Shake off any water from the wet garment and hang dry till next time.

   The Terry Topper helps with the drying and dressing process as it covers the wet Honor Guard when bathing is done and it's time for dressing into dry clothes. Simply cover and remove the wet garment right under the dry flaps of the Terry Topper. It's absorbent terry-cloth dries the skin and allows privacy when undergarments are slipped on. If a bed bath is preferred, the Terry Topper is ideal. The design allows for easy and modest clothing changes too.





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