How does a personal garment work?

The Honor Guard garment attaches with Velcro at the waist in the back. Gravity holds the flaps down and overlaps giving the personal body areas coverage. The Chest Shield likewise attaches with Velcro and covers the chest area. It may be helpful to watch our demo video.

How is it used while on the commode?

The Honor Guard is placed over your slacks or dress. The undergarments and pants are pulled down under the cover of the Honor Guard. The flaps in the back overlap for proper hygiene, and the center flap rests on and covers the lap.

Do I take my clothes off before I put it on?

You place the Honor Guard Shower Shield over your undergarments, if you plan on showering. The undergarments are removed under the cover of the Honor Guard. It stays on and gets wet with you. When you are ready to dry off, place a dry Honor Guard Terry Topper right over the wet garment, and reach up and pull off the wet one under cover of the dry. Now you are ready to dress into your undergarments under the cover of the Terry Topper.

I have to check for skin healing on my mom. Will the Honor Guard help?

Yes, for all stages of care, the flaps of the Shower Shield will allow care and hygiene while maintaining dignity for you & your mom. The wearer will not "see" as the flaps are lifted which also helps if your loved one has Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia.

How many do I need?

One set is all you need to cover all the "Activities of Daily Living". Changing undergarments, bathroom duties and bathing can be done in privacy with one complete set. For special needs, you may only want one or two pieces. As they are sold separately, you have the option of choosing what suits your needs. For rehab, the low cost Short Term disposable works great. I suggest having two. One for wet and one for covering and removing the wet garment after bathing. The Terry Topper works the same way for the durable nylon "classic" Honor Guard.

I'm on a tight budget and can't afford the garments I need to care for my dad. Can you help?

Yes, we can. Our charitable program, Love Covers offers free or discounted products based on a sliding scale. Click here for more information. If you need one right away, we will send you a short-term Shower Shield, and pay just the shipping.

Does the Honor Guard come in children's sizes?

Our Small fits children to pre-teen waist sizes 21"-27", and is always in stock. Check the size chart on the Products page before you order.

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