"This modesty garment will provide a much needed aura of dignity for the patients, especially when they are being cared for by a loved one. What a great idea"

--- Mary Ettari PA

"I've been meaning to email you to say THANK YOU!  I didn’t start using the shower set straight away, and things got to a crisis point, as they do.  I was then able to whip out the set and I now help my mother in the shower.  It has been a dream - so easy, no issues with embarrassment or shyness.  Showers are now effective (they weren’t before), enjoyable, safe and faster.  I cannot thank you enough.  This has been such a life enhancing change for both my mother and I.  I am so grateful."


"I got my order yesterday and it's great--thank you ! I have been a caregiver to my husband for 8 years now. He had a severe stroke at age 46 and it's been rough. Your product is going to be a wonderful help to me because my Mom helps me take care of him so I can work a few days a week. I always feel bad that she has to help him get dressed so I've been going in to work late just so I can help him get dressed in the mornings. Now using your Honor guard, she will be able to help him. It's also going to be a help when my daughter comes home from college and helps me with him. Thank you so much !"

---Regina Kamauf, Pittsburgh, PA

"In my over twenty years experience as a registered medical assistant, about half of my clients I visited refused bathing due to embarrassment."

---Sylvia Miller Certified Nursing Assistant

     The Honor Guard keeps me from embarrassment. I like the way it looks, it's attractive…very pretty.

---Rosalee Mayers, Honor Guard Client

"I was skeptical when my wife introduced me to the Honor Guard garment while caring for her mother. As a hospital and retirement home social worker, I had never heard of such a product that could protect personal privacy. It wasn't until I was called in to assist my mother-in-law in the bathroom. that I discovered the value of her Honor Guard. There was no embarrassment (for either of us) and my mother- in-law kept her dignity and sense of humor!"

--- Thomas D Lenart, MSW

 When I'm covered, I feel respected and honored. I now no longer dread the help from my family or health aides."

---Inez Caldwell, Care Recepient

"Honor Guard -- the perfect solution to privacy!"

---Emma Harvey, C N A

"As an Occupational Therapist I know dignity is an important issue for my clients.When performing activities of daily living, they are less anxious andmore willing to work with me on Functional Bathing Tasks."

---Kay Behnke OTR/L.

"This is amazing :) My father is only 60... so I hope this is widely available by the time he may need it. I plan to care for him rather than placing him in a care center as I love him so much... but this would certainly make things easier on the both of us. Basically, I dread seeing my dad naked, and I'm sure he feels the same. Thanks for the great product!"


"I received an email about your product. Usually when I get these, I briefly check into them, but find that most are not useful. When I looked at your products, I found it interesting and practical. I will tell more people about your products as I do public speaking across the country on Alzheimer's caregiving."

---Lena Smith, President, EduCare, Inc