Dignity Resource Council is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization with the mission to provide educational and public awareness of the need for dignity preservation for children, teens and adults during assisted bathing and other personal care.

We encourage the use of innovative dignity garments that cover personal body areas during bathing and other personal care.

Our goal is to improve quality of life for those in rehabilitation, hospice, home health and other assisted care facilities.

We desire to raise the standard of care through our charitable programs and caregiving resources.

Watch Robin Lenart, on ABC Health Check introducing the Honor Guard.

"A modesty garment for your loved one can completely eliminate the problem. ... They’re inexpensive but worth their weight in gold for preserving the comfort and dignity of AD patients who need help with personal hygiene."

Alzheimer's For Dummies By Patricia B. Smith, Mary M. Kenan, Psy.D., Mark Edwin Kunik, M. D., M. P. H., Leeza Gibbons

How my mom gave me inspiration.  Thankfully there's a solution!

Dignity Resource Council cares about you.  

 Need help with giving your parent a bath. Don't panic. Dignity Resource Council has the answers you seek.

 No more embarrassment  with assisted showers or bathing! We have a product that can help.


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 "Dignity, like a warm sunset, covers us with a beautiful glow of appreciation. ...And who wouldn't like to be seen in a good light?"