Had a strange thought today while pondering assisted bathing. Oh my. Why would I think about this you may ask?   Doesn't this always happen to the "other guy"?  We don't worry about that yet, right?    
   Ok, let's ponder this. What if you had a sudden medical emergency and you needed help with bathing? Who would you  choose to help you in the shower?  A relative? An adult child?  A professional CNA? Ok, now...which gender you may ask. This is the part where we stop this silly exercise!  We don't really want to think about such humiliating circumstance as modeling our birthday suit.     
   Stick with me on this please. My guess says we avoid it like the plague. It? Oh, you mean embarrassment. It happened to me in the hospital each time I had to be there. I simply said no, when my friendly nurse offered her help. My choices were limited. Picking getting "clean" meant wrestling with discomfort and humiliation. My directive of staying dirty (and waiting till I got home) meant that I was in control, with my sense of dignity still intact. I discovered I was not alone, as nurses later told me those in-room bathrooms almost never got used. Oh, the fear and dread of dignity loss.
  Alright, it's confession time.  This was the very thing I pondered which brought the inspiration for the garment I designed for my mom when she faced this delicate dilemma. (I faced it too as her caregiver!) Frustration does birth vision! And a solution was brought forth for this troubling problem of being exposed in the presence of a caregiver. I later founded Dignity Resource Council to help other moms and daughters like me who needed a respectful cover during bath time.